Like our content marketing and research to find or provide receipts for what's good in real life?


Would you like to sponsor your own matchups or market research, to provide proof that you or your target audience are great decision makers, but not a writing or editing junkie?




You already have an ad for what you want to promote, but you're just looking for other created content to place them with?



Well. We would give you the Suge speech. However. We think you already know, you're in the right place.


It's like having your own street teams in your pocket.




Find or provide receipts of cultural viewpoints on what help people improve our decision making



SERVICE PROVIDED: Social Content Matchmaking Copywriting


What's SCMC? Social Content Matchmaking Copywriting is research or promoting of social events or occurrence with the most appropriate creation, talent, product, service, or simply put. Source Of Solutions.




Featured Research Question Or Promotional Audience Matching


SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS + LANDING PAGE(on our people's choice search engine)


Basic Text $100


per every 500-1000 expected reach

Up to 500 words(when appropriate).

Text are included with a title, description, and a Call-To-Action link of your choice(when appropriate).



Image + Text $200

Per every 500-1000 reach

Up to 500 words

Custom Video $500+

(Per every 500-1000 expected reach)

30 sec to 5 minutes.

Our custom research videos usually contains title, question, and directions on how to participate, and video content submitted by the sponsor "You", and or stock Videos that coincides with the research question or promotional matching suggestions. Along with in house voice overs, background music and sounds



Custom Custom Video

Which includes: 

°pre production(original script writing) 

°Original video production for audio, video,

 original cast, and possible location rental, and

 or permits

°Post Production (video editing, graphics,



Contact for custom pricing









Service are listed as sponsored for a week.

However content will remain listed, based on time or event sensitivity.


All estimated pricing are subjected to change, based on company decision, market demand, and or pricing of third party service requirements.



Fuel Content Match




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