How To Create Content That Fit Well With Your Brand And Audience


Facts OR Cap?


In today's marketing and promotional industry. The idea of sitting down and brainstorming to come up with a campaign to raise awareness, or attract new customers, or grow your support base, or even investors. Or even trying to figure out how to engage your current consumer base with material they can interact with, learn from or provide their perspective on conversational pieces. Can be a process. Plus. Gets daunting, and can become overwhelming, if you're not yet at the point of having media managers, content creators, SEO strategist, and so on, on your team.

How To Make Content Consistently




That being said. Most times you'll do a search, and arrive at a blog post or some form of YouTube video giving advice that even the greatest of us could find value in.







Most material pertaining to marketing and, for those who don't like the word "marketing".

Promoting your brand, service, business, your client's or your own. A post from any six months ago, can become outdated. Not that sick months ago's information is no longer beneficial to your efforts.




Many things such as a platform's features or 

Can change. Take for example. Instagram reels, was introduced to the platform, and has quickly become a valid avenue to reach people that are not even aware or subscribed to anything regarding your industry. 


Instagram reels are interesting, with even the format of IGTV is different from reels, except for the aspect ratio of the visual area. Reels can be anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds, depending on your current account status being a personal, or business. The feature also allows you to add music, or use your own. Remix another's, or get your video remixed by other users. More importantly. The intentions, or expectations of the audience are different. 


For Example.


IGTV requires that your upload is more than 60 seconds. That alone suggest that: 


More effort is present, such as pre and post production. 


You already have a following that regularly engage your posts. 


And or, you're a brand that provides long form content, and you're providing shorter content, based on original productions.


Here are 


Five Tips To Create Content That Flows With Your Everyday Work Culture


Tip #1

Choose A Current Event Topic And Make It Evergreen


Creating evergreen content based on something that's currently a hot topic, is not always easily done. But. It's not as difficult as we think. Some content creators do it mistakenly even during a live broadcast. 

Hot topics are sometimes shocking, unheard of, and sometimes make us look to the sky, and ask why.



They're not new in the sense of their basic premise. But. That's not what gives us the opportunity to make them relatable for long term content planning. You are the common factor that makes them beneficial throughout their experience.


For Instance.


Take the backstory to Eagertrip!


Eagertrip! started with different branding around 2009-2010, with the concept of an online or virtual league. Over the years the concept adjusted, readjusted, dismantled or shut down, lost files, and entire domains, and still remain with the same intentions. The platform you create, no matter the location of the DSP, should be the central point of your why. 


What Is Your Why? 


Your why is the reason you do. Take Amazon for example. Started with books, so on the surface one might think or associate the space with books. We know now, that's not so. They were able to expand because their main reason for existing is to provide the consumer with convenience, before, during, and after their purchasing experience. If you really think about it. Their B2B strategy is the same. Most business or companies selling on Amazon, utilize their reach, their facilities, and so on. Either way. Amazon itself, remain the same at its core even through growth.


Tip #2


Relate Your Purpose To The Current Event


This is the part when you touch on a example that's currently in circulation, but still remain you, as much as possible. 



Let's say your client or yourself is in the home repair business, and the major story for weeks has been about a celebrity couple and their turmoil, that's being played out in the public eye. You as a content creator. Yes you are a content creator, in this era of post social media's reinventing from word of mouth, to the web. And according to Gary V. We all are, and should consider ourselves direct reasons our relationship with our audience grow stronger through being humans, other humans can relate to. 


We would as home repair or building, create content that would suggest additional areas that could create therapeutic spaces within the couples home, that could lead to strengthen their bond. This would seem far fetch. 




Being in the business, you might have years of first hand experience, or reference point, to which that formula works. Of course you wouldn't just place content out there without having facts of expert testimonials to make your suggestion solid. Not to mention. You remained within your area of expertise or your client's, and you're providing valid perspectives on a current discussion as it relates to the audience who's searching certain keywords, and your content is containing real life examples of such inquiries.


Tip #3


Stick To Your Original Idea Or Concept


Your original goal, whether or not you initially realized that your purpose in life is to provide help for other people. This is your main goal, or your WHY. Your why is officially self serving by no means. Which means you're off to a great start. 




Your reasoning at 12 when your parents told you to cut the grass, and you can play your video games. Remained the same when your neighbors asked you to do the same for a small fee. It's the same today with your fortune 500 company, and your eyebrow raised when you can't smell what Kanye's cooking. 


Speaking of Kanye. Asking your audience what they think of an off centered billionaire being able to still win, despite being themselves. 

Is not an inappropriate question. 




You genuinely want to know, ahead of your time to be viewed as an off centered billionaire. Which leads us right back to the WHY.


People relate to Kanye because most of are genuinely off centered in life at some point. Michael Jordan wasn't as good in baseball, as he is in basketball, even with his eyes closed.


Tip #4


Finding Your HOW SWAY



Find Creators For Your Next Relatable Idea!


Finding your HOW SWAY is of course, your formula itself. Take for example writing this blog. We all start off with our Why. Why turns out to be our question even before we apply knowledge or research. A blog is not a magic trick. Therefore. Neither the how, or solution is written all at the same time. 


Take our title for this tip. How Sway, is a classic moment between Kanye, and the world famous Sway. Sway is famous for his ability to seamlessly conduct a conversation that turns out to be beneficial to millions of people who might've thought they're there to be entertained only. 


How A Mental Breakdown Started Patreon


That conversation itself was historical because Kanye himself figured out a way to get into the space that Sway said to figure out a way to become the space. In turn. Kanye went on to produce solutions for many people, through choosing wisely, how he invested his time. That by nature, provided financial opportunities to employees, and the people who were at the stage to invest directly or indirectly through private or public investing.


We say that to say. Your How is not always clear, even at a successful level. Success doesn't mean you stopped being human, or should you want to. Take technology and the growth of it. Sure the self driving, auto checkout, might be of convenience. But. How Sway is it convenience, without us as humans? So. Your human nature is more of a bridge to being the space, more than you can imagine.


Tip #5


Create To You


Create to you, is the stage many marketers try to make it seems like, by no way, should you keep you in mind while creating. Which might be right in some cases. But. Let's take a step back, and look very keenly at that premise.



Learn How To Tell Better Stories With Your Vlog


Outside of being a business/creators, we are consumers. Doesn't matter if you actually use your own products or services. You acquire those of others. And. As you, you examine everything as yourself. Even if the situation is not of your experience. Why would someone need this? How can this help someone? Of course your WHAT, is in the topic, subtopics, keywords, or conclusion, solutions, or suggestions. 





In essence. All of this is like reaction videos, that comes up on your algorithms from years back, with similar titles that hadn't been changed by it's owners, but instead reflects a current event. Back to our story, and how we got started, and why we kept going when times were bleak or completely non existent.

Our why, kept finding our how, and our what, been us. 


Whether you're an individual, group, our representative for either. A wise man name Grant Cardone once said. 


You are your number one investment. Always.


To expand on that. It's the old notion that, everywhere you go, there you are. 

No matter what stage you're at. Someone can relate to your needs, or what you provide, or can refer to.


Video Clip Of Grant Cardone "Greatest Investment You Can Ever Make"




Not ready to do all that content creating?





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