Why Complaining New Yorkers Should Move To Florida

Have you ever walked outside of your house to go to the corner store and get cornered by a baby croc or something that looks like one? Or dark clouds in spots that randomly opens up without warning?

During our everyday struggles, New Yorkers tend to suffer from oversight. Overlooking our capabilities to carry on as if there's no one deserving of our humility. Our tunnel vision blinds us from seeing reasons to be grateful. Aspiring. Energetic.

In fact. Even in fictions we are Aggy. As we told young Hakeem to fuck off, in Coming To America. Our senses are on high alert. Everything is a jerk, including the choice of weather. Is this some type of joke? How are we suppose to relax with only 24 hours in a day? We do see our challenges as long term lessons.

However. When there are now's. We see see entitlement. If you want to experience this. Pick a corner of our world famous tourist attraction city, and just listen. You don't have to be in one of those "What A World Wants" film roles to hear the voices speak with high disappointments of current state of being.

So. What can be of assistance to quieting those Bruce Almighty chit chatter? Just look around. Keep an eye out for our elders who you would think would have least be in North Florida by now with plans to be in South Florida by the end of today, a year from now in reality. In reality. There's a good chance that those people are going up and down staircases that would make the Joker say.