Ran into a massive line for free Turkey at a church this Sunday and of course we came up with a comedic sniper rifle on site! Of course there were no incidents reported. However. Our of course is not mandatory to the situation, as you knowpeople and lines haven't been going together like Charlamagne and hair plugs needles! So let's check out the top five reasons this is news worthy for Thanksgiving 2019 #5. In A Popeye's Chicken sandwich line. People sound like Webbie, in love with Angela Lee. Girl gimme dat OH! In a church Thanksgiving Turkey line. Size don't matter. So everyone brags like Diddy. Take dat! #4. In Popeye's if you cut the line. OJ appears. In church. Rihanna appears! #3. In Popeye's scarcity ran off on the plug. In church abundance got all the time in the world to think of a joke. Like. Did Beyoncé come up with Partition because of Plies? Think about it. Hov said there's nothing wrong with a lil Becky. Oh so gone off this liquor. And Sunday morning. We right here. #2. In Popeye's. Ohs gon be Ohs. And ohs are like the NFL. They're for everybody and just themselves at the same time. That's why you get your heart broken by this bird. In church. Even if they ran out by time you get there. Hey. Free Turkey is a early bird thing. Just ask Birdman about the time fans were yelling. Free Lil Wayne! #1. In Popeye's you have to ask for the right sauce to get the taste everyone is acting like Pookie over. In church. You're Chris Rock. You might look like Pookie, but this time you show up only for the N word jokes from non N words.