Joe Biden got Donkey Of The Day For sounding like Rap Guys that make up a bunch of lies like Hov said... How can he be Truth?

Years ago before trolling was a thing. The internet was flooded with a bunch of us who went deeper into the matrix trying to avoid being in it. Not only that. Truth seekers were rubbing palms like Birdman when he finds a new superstar. Hmm? You mean this world is actually faker than we suspected?

There's so much information that information became a command from Beyonce Right away your majesty. Drowning in information made knowledge appear redudsnt. And after that moment of clarity. Comes more confusion. Wait a minute? Was Men In Black even about aliens? Of about erasing experience? Did Tyra Banks kiss you of naw?

Which leads us to this. When we tell our own stories with all the confidence in the world. Do we need a witness name Big Brother to go yes. Tyra actually wants you. Because of the reluctancy in Big Bro voice. Would you think maybe you need rehab like fight club? Or you know BIG FACTS like Faith Evans? Either way. If the Mandela Effect got to a Joe Biden truth. Did Charlamagne really ask Lizzo if that's all her?