It's as if Keith Murray's on top of the car saying... The most beautifullist thing in the world and just like that. I get in ya!

Because what happened to cause the accident is one thing. We pray for a speedy recovery. However. Kevin Hart's eagerness to return to the hustle, give us full right to crack jokes about the aftermath.


As if getting into an accident wasn't enough. One would either love their spouse more than themselves, or scared of loosing them more than themselves. To even attempt to check in before making sure you're alright. Unless you're a soldier wounded on the battlefield, and even then. We can still say. That's movie shit!


So. In Kevin's defense. Explaining what had happened was. Is his thing. But. Like Bun B asked 3Stacks why do it player? We have the answers sometimes to the questions we ask. And that being said. Are you gonna get on stage and explain to Kev's wife why he felt the need to make it home, before securing his own wellbeing? And no. Jahiem's Just In Case. Just don't count.