Can The World Become Better Being Transparent?
Created by Eagertrip!
Created on 31 December 2017



In the movie The Circle, the creep squad was in full effect when a Google like company created a big brother type society with their products. A society that says if you're not socially poppin you're hiding your true self and that must mean there's something horribly wrong with you.

In real life though. Transparency might be solely responsible for engaging solutions. As it stands. Cardi B has a boomin career now. DMX is still loved by all types from all walks of life. We as a society champions the brave wounded. Give us hope for being wounded and too pussy to be brave.

On the flip side. Transparency now allows and also limit us, because we have to walk around with chastity belts to avoid being randomly grabbed by a world leader. Tyrese got dragged through the mud while exercising transperacy. Mostly by his own frowning. So. By the ending of the movie. We witnessed the drawbacks of relinquishing personal space.

But. We also saw the benefits that can come from being transparent. As individuals, there's more solutions revealed to us as soon as we acknowledge a problem. Better yet. Neo of The Matrix, had the same shots fired at him, before and after the fear. The difference is. After realizing that bullets should be more fearful of him.... In retrospect. If you're a fan of total knowledge, and perfection of all things. You should be a fan of you first.



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