Should The World Follow Black People's Lead And Entertain Our Problems?
Created by Eagertrip!
Created on 31 December 2017


Don't be alarmed. We're Negroes...

Of courses. Most of us know the famous words, because we've probably said them before they became pop. But. In retrospect. The perception of the so-called Negroes is that of being the people of the curse. The curse of being the blacksheep of the human race. The subjects of being the world's test dummies for shit that could go wrong. The Ambassadors of The Everyday Struggle.

Yet. To be all that and still be the first in line for if it get pass black people.... It's good enough for the rest of the world! With all that responsibility. It wouldn't be a surprise if the ozone layer turned out one day to be the spirits of black people.
Because. Admittingly science agrees that the oldest of the land are black people. And if reading the words black people too many times here get on your nerves... Imagine how black people feel going through all the problems history has registered, and still feeling good about their chances is amazing! We mean. Going through it and there's the posttraumatic stages! Sigh.

To have problems and still be a problem to the problems, must mean that naturally black people or the first people on the planet, saw problems coming and placed an extra plate at the dinner table. Leaving said problems scrating their heads the entire time. Hey. Maybe the natives figured... Anything could be anywhere else in the world. But. It's right here ready to be inspired by how it's handled. Besides. Get Out to black people means Changing Faces and time to go kick it with the problems that was grateful for the hospitality earlier. They still can't believe so much can come from so little.

In closing. If entertaining or feeling good about being one's self during problems.
Nigga. What problems? If throwing on some funky tunes, or yelling dominoes, or cracking jokes, manifest another trillion years of being the cure for all. Even if it's to make problems feel better about themselves. Hey. Be proud and keep manifesting away!




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