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Created on 26 December 2015


The Horrific But Funny Video That Settles The Women VS Men Toilet Seat Beef

One of the most legendary status type argument between men, and women living together, have been the toilet seat argument. Women want it down, and men are afraid to give into living with their mothers again!

This has been the topic for years in entertainment, and social discussions. Watching this video reminds us of the episode of Martin, when Martin forgot to put the toilet seat down, and Gina fell in and almost drowned!

It might be a habit, and not intentional when men don't leave the toilet seat down. It might be the, you're not the boss of me thinking. But what about the look before you sit habit?

TRIP FUELED BY: Martin 'No Love Lost' Aka Look Before You Sit Season 2 Episode 25

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