The High5 Commandments: Peter Gunz Side Chick Flippin
Created by Eagertrip!
Created on 25 December 2015


Da #High5 Commandments Is On A Mission To Keep Peter Gunz From Looking Like Charlie Sheen In Deez Streets!

Okay. Mmmmaaayyybe the intro title is reaching a little bit. Un poquito...Shouts to Wash Heights! But. Back to The Thou Shallts n Shalt Nots! How reckless is Corporeal Gunz moving out here? Peter Gunz of Love And Hip Hop New York, has been putting in work for his playa stripes! But is he slackin on his mackin?


Just recently, and before episode 2 of season 6 dropped. Couldn't help but to hear what the streets had to say. And by streets we mean, two semi drunk guys on the D line, wondering... Does Gunz really got game for these pros? For one. One of them mentioned that, his "let them just go off", and keep quiet until they finish, is his G, and method to cope with their craziness. Man! And here we all thought. Chicks just be crazy for no reason... Wellllllll...

True they said. He moved his new side chick, who was once his old main chic, and his new main chick, who was once his old side chick, into the same building. Playa residue? Certainly! However! We're. Whoa! Is everyone else as dizzy as us?


Okay, so it's just two women. But. Wtf? Maybe we need to write a 5 Playa Commandments for him!

#1. If you cheat on your main chick because she always getting on your nerves acting like a bitch, then. Thou shalt not marry your side chick, and then pine over the bitchy one, that you just cheated on, unless her bitchiness has a cure call you and the side chick!

#2. If you're broke, you cannot afford multiple women, multiple babies at the same time, and still expect to ever not be broke!

#3. If you ever move two women you love into the same building at the same time. Make sure they can love each other at the same time you're loving them.

#4. Could've been number one for real! Never you hide from yo own disguise! Mess around and forgot that broke ninjas can't afford aids! Tell em Magic! Magic: I thowed da it off courtesy of ma business goons! I mean. Moves!

#5. And the one that you need to call Akon for, so he can remind you how people actually pull off 3somes! You ain't gotta lie to kick it!

TRIP FUELED BY: Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz 'Déjá Vu'

Lost Boyz 'Me And My Crazy World'

Love And Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 2 'Love And Lies'



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