The Unlimited Means Unlimited Petition
Created by Eagertrip!
Created on 08 December 2015


As if Suge Knight is a prophet, or we think it's just a great way to tell someone you think they suck! Tired of wireless service providers keep calling limited data plans unlimited? Infinity times infinity our ass! No mo we won't slow! No mo we won't slow! Are consumers being victimized by victim shaming? Who cares about the courts, and what can be proved? Saying that your quality service is limited on an unlimited plan, and some people that accepts, and pay for unlimited service should know what you mean, and not because they're paying customers mean that they should use their unlimited service any way they want to. It's like saying we should all agree to be bullied, and say we're the bullies. Where do they do that at? Hell? Website operators go through the same thing with host companies that says unlimited bandwidth plan with numbers that says do not exceed limit. We would like to believe there's legitimate reasons for this. However. The unlimited is missing the UN. #UnlimitedMeansUnlimited!

Trip Fueled By: Dilated Peoples featuring Kanye West "This Way"


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